Question by Mike Shy: How do I write a game program for 2 to 6 users in HTML/Javascript/PHP?
For a simple example, call my program “Guess”

1) User A logs on and waits for a player, User B to log on.
2) User B logs on.
3) Each User is asked to guess a number 1 to 10 that the page holds secret.
4) When A and B try to guess the number, informs both Users A and B if they are correct or incorrect.
5) Next round begins and score is kept.
6) When a user quits both users see who has highest number of correct guesses.

The problem is that two users need to access a common program. How is this done?



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Answer by PleaseInsertACoin
Client/Server model.

Though I doubt you have the required knowledge to pull that off.

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