Question by gurtzinator: How do I learn to program for iPhone OS if I have absolutely no programming experience?
The only “programming” I know is basic HTML. At this point I do not wish to buy any books or spend any money. I just need a resource that shows me how to at least begin to learn about Objective-C for know-nothings. Thanks!

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Answer by Tim
Programming doesn’t legally come free.

You would still have to purchase a compiler.

You can find information on how to program in C for free online, using websites. But the learning curve will be immense. It will take you a better of a year before you post your first true app thats worth talking to your friends about.

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  1. One of the best resources for iPhone Programming that I have found is the Stanford course. It is available on iTunes for FREE. It is an entire college video course, with all materials and a whole community to support you. The course number is CS193. You can google that and you’ll find resources.

    As for tools to program in, if you have a Mac computer, you have everything you need already for free.

    If you don’t have a Mac, well, I’m sure you can find a tool to code objective-c in, but it’s really intended for the Mac platform.

    On Mac, the compiler is included – everything you need is freely available.

    The Stanford course is great – but if you have no programming experience, I have to tell you that the learning curve will be steep. But if you REALLY want it – you CAN do it. For FREE.

    Search the iTunes store for iPhone Stanford class and you should find it.

    Have fun!

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