Question by Firion: How did people “program” on the early Apple ][ computer?
I’ve heard alot about how people could program on the orignial Apple ][ computer. How did they do this? What language was it in? What could they do with it? Was there a chance of messing up the computer’s inner workings? Did they need any tools?
Also, what is a good programming language to learn today? I’m trying C++, but it’s hard. Python looks way too confusing. I’m considering BASIC (for nostalgic sake) or Java. Any recommendations or tips of advice? Thank you.

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Answer by deonejuan
Apple Basic it was, and ‘Lemonade Stand’ was the pinnacle of 8-bit RGB gaming. Line Numbers were mandatory. Paschal came later, and, you could boot an Apple II with dBase II and do a Query language, but, back then you didn’t need an OS to run a database.

I like Linux / java. Better class of hackers.

Anything Microsoft is just fooling themselves, whether they pirated their library of software toys or if the boss bought it for them. Microsoft and IBM are architects of outsource strategies. Neither company needs to excel in engineering to survive financially.

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  1. Apple ][ has interpreter for basic. You can also call various subroutines from the memory with the CALL statement. E.g. if you want to enter assembly language editor you write CALL 768, where 768 is the memory location of the subroutine. There was a great chance for messing things up and it frequently happened resulting in garbled screen and freezes.
    You can still play with Apple ][ using an emulator.
    For a language to learn, Java or C# are my recommendations.

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