Question by Kairi: Firefox (or other web browsers) won’t let me download items on “The sims 3 Store”?
It lets me download items on “The Extange” but not on “the sims 3 store” its really annoying cause when i press “download” i get this message. (here are the things i get on different web browsers)

Fire fox: “Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (sims3) isn’t associated with any program.”

Internet Explorer: “Internet Explorer does not know how to open web page” (I dont know some thing like that)

Google chrome: does nothing

Opera” does nothing.

Please help i really want to download stuff, it only worked once some how and then it stopped! Please help 10 points for the person who answers.

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Answer by brokenToaster
hahah i agree with 😀 lol

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  1. well i dont know much but it could be the problem is that these web browsers dose not work with the sims 3 store i prefer trying a web browswer that is not a main one.

  2. If it’s an apple application you should go through Itunes for it. There may be something missing from the address in the top line. Try taking off the last portion of the address up to the / and see if that at least gets you to the page.

    For instance….

    Take off answer?qid=20091106134856AAL5lBt portion and hit enter then it should be able to get you to the page at least…Good luck.

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