Question by Resistance2010: Do you watch Tell-Lie-Vision?
Television Programming – “We are Living in an Artificially Induced State of Consciousness”. This invasive degenerative force is welcomed into every living room, where it is embraced like an old friend. A large majority of people trust TV and everything it tells them. When one continually controls the information, one controls the people absorbing the information. The manufactured and controlled information on TV can be referred to as the signal and that constant signal is what shapes and guides the masses to their conclusions. In order to take back our minds, we must first learn to “Unplug the Signal.” By turning off your TV you will realize the world that you’re living in is suddenly very unfamiliar to you. You will see that news of no importance is constantly debated and analyzed, and as you listen to the conversations of people around you, you realize they’re talking robots just repeating what they’ve heard on the news. The most deadly program to your mental healthand well-being is the one labeled “NEWS”. If everyone would only turn away from the nightly subliminal news, then the odds for the American Resistance would improve greatly. JUST SHUT THE DAMN THE DAMN THING OFF!

“Do you want to stay stupid and let your country go to hell in a basket? Why don’t you just walk over to the set and turn it off. That’s right, completely off. Go on, you can do it. Now isn’t that better? Don’t you feel a little better already? You’ve just taken the first step in deprogramming yourself. It wasn’t that hard, was it? Until we speak again, try to keep it off. Now that will be a bit harder.” ~ Jim Marrs

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Answer by George Washington Spring is here
No I don’t.

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