Question by Ronel: Default Program, .Cfg file, and Half Life 2 complications WINDOWS 7?
I was trying to edit the .cfg file for half life 2 (well the config.cfg)

Since by default, you cannot open it, I right clicked>open with>(then selected notepad as default to open with for every cfg file.

It worked..

but when i open Half life 2, or any source engine games, (css, hl2ep1, ep2, etc), the Start up videos dont play anymore… and I think its cuz of what i did….

so i tried to “open with” again…. and accidentally clicked Mirosoft outlook….

now when i open with… the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is now greyed out! only for cfg files. Other files work fine.

I just want to enable this again.. but i cant find a way how… please help!!!


1. Hl2 engine games (css,hl2, hl2ep1,ep2,etc) wont play the “intro videos” because I replaced the default “open with program” to notepad/wordpad for cfg files
2. “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is greyed out for all cfg files because I accidentally set Microsoft Outlook as a default and I cannot set it to anything else by default..

Extra questions…
-How can I set the “open program with” to its default? (before i used the ‘open with’)
-Is this causing the “no intro videos” for hl2 games?

I am SURE that this is the cause because right after the moment i changed the default program, they wont play.

Best answer:

Answer by Colanth
1) Delete the file association for cfg files. That’s the default for cfg files – nothing.

2) It’s not. Editing the file probably did. (Just because it has readable text in it, that doesn’t mean that it;s a text file. If you messed the file up by editing it in a text editor, you’ll have to replace it with a valid config.cfg file.)

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