Question by Reality has a Liberal bias: Conservatives, how will you balance the budget given that…?
“Mr. Obama and Republicans are left, then, competing to cut just 12 percent of the federal budget, the so-called nonsecurity discretionary spending that Congress appropriates each year.

“Yet that small slice covers a wide range of public services, including air-traffic control, disease research, transportation, food safety and rural development programs.”

How do you balance the budget if you only have 12% of it to play with, and refuse to raise taxes?

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Answer by Dark Night
Well, I think they should cut everything. Reducing the government to 1999-2000 spending levels would be a start. That can’t be so bad for you Clinton loving liberals now can it?

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7 thoughts on “Conservatives, how will you balance the budget given that…?”

  1. Increase revenue or decrease spending, 85% of the budget is not off limits, don’t buy that chit.

    We can and should close most of the military bases we have scattered all over the planet, national security should stop at our borders. Our militaristic empire doesn’t exist for us tax payers, it exists for US corporations.

  2. Don’t make me agree with you! We need to either get serious with cutting the largest part of the pie–entitlements–or accept the fact that the budget cannot be balances–and I don’t have a problem with that either. Give me back the amount I paid into Social Security and let’s call it a day. Stop taking it out of my paycheck.

  3. The Federal Budget has doubled since 1965, and leave it to a Liberal to request more taxes from other people. How in the world did anyone survive in 1964 before the government started “taking care” of everyone? NY State has the most generous programs and every Upstate city has 30% poverty. No surprise there. There are plenty of people willing to sit home and cash a government check. Liberals don’t get it.

    I’m up for cutting everything. Even Military spending which is loaded with Special Interests. Every time government money is involved, you can find a paper trail to contributors. That’s exactly why Liberals are so wrong about having larger programs and more entitlements. Every single major government program has cost way more than promised, so where is the proof that we need more government intervention?

    Every time NY State has raised taxes, revenues have decline, so what do they do? Raise them again. Now we all pay an extra $ 2500 a year in property taxes compared to the national average. That means the wealthy pay all of that increase because poor people don’t have $ 2500. These people simply leave. 2,000,000 since the last census.

  4. You can’t.

    What needs to happen is to tell America the truth – that Social Security and Medicare were Ponzi schemes. And they especially don’t work when approximately 50 million of the next generation have been aborted.

    People who thought they could work for 20 years and then have everything paid for until they die – as long as 40 or so years later – are unfortunately in for a rude awakening.

    Will anyone in power tell the truth? Of course not!

  5. I would start by making it a requirement to pass random military style drug tests in order to qualify for any form of taxpayer paid public assistance.

    My next proposal would be to create a ‘tax holiday’ where a flat tax of 15% is placed on any money moved into the US from overseas. This rate will be no matter what the amount and irregardless of whether is is corporate or personal money. This should raise approximately $ 300 billion in tax revenue that will then be split equally to shore up social security and medicare. (Also consider the economic benefits of an additional $ 2 trillion dollars invested in the US economy.)

    Next repeal Obamacare based on the simple fact that we currently cannot afford it.

    In addition – allow the Bush tax cuts on income taxes to expire For Everybody. We all are responsible for this mess – there is no equitible reason for us to expect a few people pay to get us out of the mess we all created.

    Freeze all unspent funds from the stimilus bill and return the money to the treasury.

    Budget all Federal agencies at their 2008 spending levels.

    Restore the 1990s welfare reforms that were eliminated by the Stimilus bill.

    Reform Homeland Security spending so that spending has to go to an identified program with built in performacnce benchmarks. Eliminate the mandate that 40% of Homeland Security spending be divided equally among every state.

    Eliminate the Department of Education. This federal agency has done nothing but spend enormous amounts of money while producing no measureable results.

    Eliminate the Department of Energy. Turn its regulatory functions over to the Commerce department, turn the research function over to DARPA and turn the nuclear weapons programs over to the DOD.

    Eliminate the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Turn over payment of veteran’s benefits to the Social Security Administration, contract veteran’s healthcare to Blue Cross/Kaiser/etc. and turn over the military cemetaries to the National Park Service.

    Cancel the F35B. It is stupid to use a $ 100 million airplane for close air support where it is at risk of getting shot down by an illiterate with an AK-47. Use UAVs for this mission.

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