CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C

CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C

Shows how to program the cgi-bin with C++ and C for more powerful connectivity to the Internet. This book provides methods to link the power of compiled languages into Internet interfaces. CGI programs are the only way to obtain advanced server side capabilities and by using C++ and C, real computer control from the Internet can be achieved. Shows how to link existing C++ and C code to HTML Gui Internet capabilities. For C++ and C programmers working with CGI Internet programming.

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  1. Review by for CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C Rating: Actually, this book is a 4 as it could be better written. However! Having considered the fact that there really isn’t another book on CGI with C, I give it a 5, just to stress that there is more than one way in which a book may be valuable.The book is helpful if you want to learn how C/C++ fits into writing CGI ends to http requests. It is significantly better than to hack through HOWTO or MAN-style papers, believe me. A word about some of the criticisms below. There are some errors–that is true. However, all C++-related criticism is hogwash. This book is not about C++, but about CGI proggies, that tend to be rather simple. Also, the idea that writing template- and rtti-less C++ code is somehow ‘outdated’ or ‘inferior’ is pretty silly and can only come from someone who isn’t very sure about C++ himself. Again, the stress is on CGI, if you want a book about large-scale C++ design and development, look elswhere. CGI thingies aren’t distributed portfolio management systems. One, in my opinion, real weakness of this book is its price. I’d say, 24.95 would be about right. I woudln’t be surprised if it were from Wiley, but from PH it’s a bit on the wild side.

  2. Review by Rawitat Pulam for CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C Rating: I am one of C++ programmers who had been writting C++ codes for years. Recently, I have to write web programming (called CGI programs), and I don’t want to learn a new language like Perl or Tcl… So, I wondered around everywhere finding any book that could give me any idea about how to write CGI programs in C/C++, and luckily, I found this book.While not perfect (from my experience with over 20 C++ books, none is perfect), this book does what it should. Although a lot of codes won’t compile without some modification (compiler depends… I compiled them using g++ on IRIX platform, check yours). Anyway, I found it challenging to find bugs in his code, since that helped my understanding of several things (but without bugs is better anyway :-).Apart from that problems, there are also other drawback points. The most important one is, the author’s e-mail address! I was trying to send some mails to ask him some question. However, it seems that the address is wrong.. (although I checked that in the book’s homepage!). Well, if anyone know his correct e-mail address, would you please send me that information?However, I do agree with some reviewers about the price of this book. It should be much cheaper, when consider about the size of the book, and (it is paperback cover..). Anyway, since books for CGI programming in C/C++ are rare, it might be considerable fine….And why I still gave this book 5 stars? Well, as I said, from my opinion this is one of the best for CGI programming “without” Perl & Tcl book. At least until the better one come out.

  3. Review by for CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C Rating: This book was well thought out in its presentation of concepts and applications. A definite approach to object programming by the author was great and becomes useful for anyone writing serious CGI programs (not just a visitor’s form).In general compiled C++ programs easily out perform scripting languages. Too bad there isn’t more books like this one on this topic. To anyone with some knowledge of C++ or C interested in CGI; this book will be a serious eye opener to the capabilities in a real programming language.

  4. Review by for CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C Rating: …but, for one thing, for the price, this book should come with a CD with all the code…it’s a huge pain to type all that is given. Also, the C++ classes (of most concern to me) seem to be overly complex, theres a whole load of member functions to replace the amersands in a query string with newlines, and a bunch of other stuff, where a couple of strtok(); functions would have done the job. The main strength of this book is that it teaches you the mechanics of how a compiled C/C++ program for CGI works. The string parsing doesn’t take much ingenuity either, you just have to know the format.

  5. Review by [email protected] for CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C Rating: Interesting that this is the only book besides the Boutell book that discusses C/C++ programming specifically for CGI. But there are many errors in the book that leaves me wondering if it would do more harm than good to use it. It has an emphasis on writing routines that could be better written in a scripting language: no templates or run time typing is used making the C++ code approach pretty out of date. It was a good try and sorely needed in the industry, but alas, it needs competition.

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