Question by schmitferd: Can you help to find a community (a forum, chats, etc) on the internet where you can easy learn “programming”?
Help to find a place on the internet where you can learn ( for free and in a community) languages like C++, html, PHP, etc. Suggestions?

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Answer by armybratincamo
Not to promote my site or anything, okay maybe I am. Haha But I have a group on Yahoo! Groups called HTML_Designers. If you want to search for it and you can’t find it, send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite. I don’t have any tutorials on there right now since I haven’t had the site for very long, but I’ll update it soon.

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  1. I don’t think you can really learn programming free on the net, you will find lots of help, but it is something you have to do yourself, if you want people to write code for you, you can find it, but you won’t learn. there is no easy free way to learn anything worth knowing. but type help with programming in the google search window, you will find lot of sites with programmers willing to help you

  2. Man, who told you, you can learn programming from forum?. If you know some other programming laguage yes you can learn but if you are totally newbie you won’t learn programming from forum.
    suggestion: buy C++ book, read it and try excercises. if you learn C++ you can easily learn other programming language like java, php, javascript and so on. since their syntax are same. //have good tutorial in php //you can learn HTML from it. //tutorial in all web developing programmes.

    Best Wish

  3. The best site I’ve found for PHP is Each tutorial allows you to ask questions and comment on the material and they offer real-world examples of code to help get you started.

    As for the previous comment that you can’t learn programming from scratch online, I disagree. I taught myself PHP. I started with the basics from a book, but have learned most of what I know from PHPFreaks,, and other online resources.

    Good luck!

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