Question by alex: Can I access my “Control Panel” using “Internet Explorer”?
okay, so here’s the story:

-downloaded ie7
-restarted computer
-everything on my desktop was gone, except the error messege thing…”send error messege” “dont send”…ya know?
-pressed ctrl+alt+f3+delete, got task manager
-tried opening new task “control.exe”
-got error messege.

-in order to fix my whole problem all i have to do is delete the ie7 download from my “add/remove programs” which is in the control panel, but the only task that i can open is ie…


Best answer:

Answer by Celeste
Click on file, then open, and click browse button.

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  1. Try booting in Safe Mode to see if you can access Control Panel then delete IE7. To get into Safe Mode, reboot and then either hold down or tap the F8 key repeatedly while the computer is starting up then select Safe Mode when the screen appears. Rebooting again will return you to Normal Mode.

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