Question by workplace psychopath: Are some riddles not meant to be solved ? (Collins project question)?

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Don Cabral produced a “Reliability Improvement Program” in 1993 and I assume massive progress was being made.

I would assume the 1991 decision was stupid.

Why not simply apply Don Cabral’s Reliability Improvement Program to the system “2.0” without any of the 1991 nonsense about amending the contract ?
Of course you can, and would, deliver
the system in multiple increments, with increasing functionality and complexity to be introduced with each delivery.

“There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave, to tell us this”.(Shakespeare, Hamlet)

It was planned to spend two years setting to work the land based test site.
This was shelved. (on whose orders I wonder).

Was there a solitary individual causing mayhem on the project ?
plan to spend 2 years settin gto work the land based test site was shelved I believe in 1992.

What is the point of invoving ANAO etc in “reviews” if they aren’t presented with the facts ?

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  1. If this is so, it really is a very comforting theory!!!
    There have been some riddles I could not solve! And I thought I was not clever enough! Now, it figures! 🙂

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