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  Gary Rosenzweig’s ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University shows you how  to use ActionScript, the programming language behind Flash CS3 Professional. The lessons teach you all the basics of ActionScript programming through game examples, but the code can be easily adapted to non-game-oriented projects, such as web training and advertising. Written by a real-world Flash developer, this book presents you with the source code of 16 complete games and lays t… More >>

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University

5 thoughts on “ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University”

  1. Lets face it. There are a lot of Actionscript game books out there. This one is good because 1) It is entertaining and readable & 2) It’s the first game book I have found that works for the new actionscript 3.0.

    The code itself isn’t exactly as object oriented as I would like, but thats true of all the other game books out there too. It does have enough object oriented content to show some amazingly different, and simple methods for making game characters, detecting collisions, and managing objects that are possible with actionscript 3.0. I value this book as a ‘how to upgrade’ from 2.0 to 3.0.

    The games themselves are pretty good and there is a nice variety of game styles to appeal to a wide audience. For a basic game programming book, it omits or glosses over a few important topics such as caching vector objects as bitmaps, pseudo 3-D and optimization in general.

    All in all, I suggest this book if you are upgrading skills to actionscript 3.0 or want to write flash games. If you get this book, I also recommend Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move! to round out your collection.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I got interested in this book after discovering Gary Rosenzweig’s AS3 tutorials on his Flash Game University Website. I was impressed by his ability to explain things clearly and simply. As other reviews have already stated “AS3 Game Programming University” is an excellent and highly readable book for learning AS3. In practice I find it much more helpful than Colin Moock’s book “Essential ActionScript 3.0”, which is a little too academic for me (although I’m glad I have it!). I’m also finding that code snippets in Gary’s book are just as useful to me as those in Joey Lott’s “ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook” (which covers more topics). It’s helpful to me that Gary writes from a Flash authoring perspective rather than Flex. He doesn’t hesitate to include timeline based assets and code when it makes sense to do so, rather than use the Flex style of generating everything in code.

    The actual games are surprisingly varied and complete, but not so complex that they become difficult to understand. The code that I downloaded from the website works well. It is written in a practical concise manner with proper use of classes and other object-oriented techniques as required by AS3. However, as other reviews have noted, this book is not for advanced programmers that prefer a pure object-oriented style.

    I recommend this book if you are moving from AS2 to AS3, even if you are not interested in writing games. Gary does not claim it is suitable for beginners without any programming experience but it is more suitable than Moock’s “Essential ActionScript 3.0” (which does make such a claim). However it is not for web designers that don’t want to learn programming and it is not for advanced programmers that appreciate Moock’s AS3 book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Here’s the deal,

    I am not a programmer…not even a great flash designer.

    My previous knowledge of ActionScript was stop(); and gotoAndStop();

    Don’t know any other computer language.

    I got this book and 2 weeks later I got my very own Flash game.

    (two weeks of sitting with a yellow highlighter, and studying like I am back in collage).

    I don’t mean a customized version of one of the book examples, but a completely new game.

    Gary helps you understand the logic behind games and game play, and how to break it down to tasks even a novice can accomplish.

    With a bit of help from the flash help menu, you can explore even deeper and very quickly accomplish some amazing things.

    If you are a quick learner and are not afraid to jump into the text, this book is for you. (it gets overwhelming for about 5 minutes before it all clicks in and you can see clearly the path between your vision and the execution).

    WARNING: if you have never programed before; It is extremely gratifying, and seems to be addictive.

    Thanks you Gary, for this great book.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Just got the book and discovered the website. I like the ‘horse-sense’ attitude of the author. My goal is not to write tons of perfectly formatted code, for code’s sake, but to get a job done. Even in AS2, purist coders tsk tsk the coders that take what I call ‘common-sense short cuts’, instead of writing many more lines of code in the ‘accepted practice’ way. Organization is essential, but you don’t need the blueprint for a skyscraper to build a tree-house. I am just a couple chapters into the book, and have now looked at a couple of tutes and podcasts on the web site, and am very excited. When I get a mook book or many other books, I learn, but it is work and hard study. When I am reading your book, it is like you are sitting next to me and talking my language. I can’t even really identify the difference in language or communication, but in my head it is enormous. I’m constantly saying, ‘kewl, so THAT’S how that works.’
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I’m not new to Flash development but I AM new to ActionScript 3.0. Even for the games I may have coded in AS 2.0, there is tremendous value in seeing them revised for Flash’s new language. As for the others – wow. So many opportunities to grow as a developer from these examples. Bonus – I love Gary’s conversational style of writing. I feel like he’s right there mentoring me while I’m working through the code and the logic behind it. Thank you so very much – this is exactly what I was looking for.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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