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Your Internet Cash Machine takes you buy the hand and leads you through the entire process of building a successful Internet business. It walks you through the process of selecting a niche based on your interests and desires, building a site, and managing your business. Covering important topics like marketing and attracting traffic and packed with handy resources, this is the hands-on guide you need to start making money now…. More >>

Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders Guide to Making Big Money, Fast!

5 thoughts on “Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders Guide to Making Big Money, Fast!”

  1. This is a typical Joe Vitale book template.


    Feel Good Chapters

    Self/Peer Promotion

    Fluff and no Stuff

    Rinse and repeat. After reading the book you feel as though you need to speak with someone on getting advice on starting a web business as this book is primaraily filled with “success stories” but not how they actually did it.

    Alot of “go to this site” , “go the that site” but no real blueprint.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I have nothing to say other than this book is nothing but a waste of time. The meat, if there is any, can be gained in 5 minutes of reading while in the bookstore. I definitely would not buy before looking through this book.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I should have listened to the negative reviews.

    First of all, I don’t like Joe Vitale and promised myself that I would never get ripped off again by him. However, I was hoping to have found a “gem” in this since someone else (Jillian Coleman Wheeler) wrote it.

    Nope, no such luck!

    This book gives you a brief overview on how to make money online which is OPPOSITE of the promise on page 3 which says, “In this book, we tell you everything you need to know about doing business on the Internet. We guide you as you select a business model, and we give you a clear, powerful plan with action steps you can follow. We lead you to the tools that will make your work easier and more profitable.”

    So, where is this information they promised? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

    The book is nothing but fluff with a bunch of website addresses that you can go to that sells other people’s stuff. I’m sure Vitale gets a piece of the action somehow if you buy something.

    If you want to get scammed and feel ripped off then get this book.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. It’s rare that I purchase books anymore from a book store, because I like to get online and read reviews first. I made an exception when I purchased this book and I’m left ultimately unaffected by its content. I’m fairly new to the internet marketing game – and thumbing through the book at first – it seemed this book would be enjoyable. To its credit, it gives you the basic underpinnings of avenues to make money online. There are some valuable resources for beginners and the overall value of the book equals an educational experience, all while simultaneously acting as a pick-me-up.

    With that said, I may be fairly new to this game, but I learned nothing from this book. I also could have personally done without the pick-me-up part. They begin the book by tugging at your heart strings; making it sound as if their rags-to-riches story will always best yours – or at least be equal to yours, since they reach to about as low as it gets. Joe was supposedly homeless and Jillian roughed it out as a single mom living off of food stamps. To that end, the introduction of the book kind of reminded me of those old Don Lapre infomercials insofar as it really targets people who feel they’re at their lowest point. Ironically, this book about internet marketing leverages its own marketing targeted mostly towards a demographic not inclusive of those like myself (living paycheck-to-paycheck but doing so comfortably). I don’t need self-help and I don’t need a plethora of success stories to motivate me. Unfortunately, that’s all that the majority of this book relies on.

    It’s not bad as a primer for methods to make money online and to gather inspiration via success stories and self-help philosophies, but if you’re a serious professional with a goal in mind and a motivation to get out there and do it, this isn’t the book for you. If you don’t need to constantly read, “you can do this! Just keep telling yourself, “I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.””, then this book is not for you. The impression you intially get with this book is that they’re going to show you the door and you’re then going to have to be the one to walk through it. Not quite. In this case, it’s more like they’ll show you the waiting room where every other would-be internet marketer typically stays, but if you do happen to make it out of such a place, there’s still a long corridor awaiting you before you ever reach that door. Unfortunately, beginners won’t realize that until they actually attempt to step beyond the pages of the book and put into practice what they feel is a neatly-packaged process.

    There is nothing in this book that can’t be found for free elsewhere. If you’re serious about starting an online business, sign up on the Warrior Forum. It’s free, it’s been around since the 90’s, and you interact with real people, so there’s no bogus, “hmm, I wonder if this is legit” stuff happening. I won’t add a link here since I don’t want to give the impression that I’m doing anything other than offering a helpful resource, so Google it if you’re interested and get started soaking up knowledge there. For free.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. I had almost forgotten that I owned this book. It didn’t stick with me, as there is little hard content.

    There is the usual blather of the feel-good variety that is so prevalent these days. Then there is a lot of compliments for his friends.

    I will compliment the book on one thing, though- it does not appear that Vitale engaged in the now-common method of offering thousands of dollars worth of freebies to get everyone to buy it on a particular day. Many internet marketers try this to get to number 1 for one day, then pump up the reviews.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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