7 thoughts on “Where can i find internet marketing affiliates?”

  1. What about ptc sites? There are tons of those and you would get quite a bit of exposure. Or if you have a flashpage, you could use a traffic exchange or something like linkreferral so people would see the site. I’m not sure if those are the greatest, but I know others do it.

  2. Use clickbank, commision junction, or shareasale.com

    I can’t even believe that two people tried to recomend ptc and traffic exchanges.
    If you use a ptc then you are going to get 30 second visitors that have no interest in your site whatsoever, and the same goes for traffic exchanges.

    Traffic is useless if they have no interest in your products. You need traffic that is targeted to your product, and getting your site on the search engines is the best way to do this.

  3. A top notch place to list your project is here http://tinyurl.com/4fuzdw
    Here are some of the top marketers in the world who can help promote your product during launch. I have promoted a few folks launches from there myself. It is free to join up and is ran by one of the top IM guys out there.
    Hope this helped,
    Lynn Whitsitt

  4. If this digital product (ebook), then try Clickbank. If you offer a high commission, then you will get a huge response. The cost for the merchant is pretty low. This would be the best solution if you are new into the market.

    Other places to try will be shareasale, moreniche etc. CJ used to be pretty good but their tracking system is not very good and also, I have not seen many information products being sold at CJ network.

    The good thing of moreniche is that they are pretty active in providing their affiliates with lots of marketing training material. The result? Their affiliates sell more so the merchant profits from this. Here’s some info about moreniche…


    Remember, if this is an ebook, then try Clickbank and Paydot first. These are very inexpensive to setup and you don’t have to work too hard to find affiliates if you offer good commissions…

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