Question by owlmyste: What is “Internet Sales” when it comes to a car dealership?
I saw an ad in the paper for a car dealership that was recruiting for both floor positions and internet sales positions. I have an idea what internet sales is, but what does it have to do with a car dealership??

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Answer by michr
they list and sell cars via the Internet and update the sites on a daily basis. sites such as corporate(GM, Ford, VW) and dealership websites, E-bay, links from NADA, Kelley Blue Book and Vehix etcetera.

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  1. Car Dealerships list cars online and people inquire about it, and you call them, set up appointments for them to look at the car & try and sell it. It is a different type of commision & you get a base salary as well because it isn’t as easy as regular sales. People don’t answer the phone, they don’t show up for the appointments..but its a good job with a good base salary..and a base salary is sometimes better than just a commision when it comes to sales like that. i hope that helped. i know this because my best friend did it for a job & she really liked it, but u hafta have patience and determination. if u have that, its a great job.

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