Question by Kee-wee: What can play both Ipods and CD and has a radio?
Hi, I’m making a Christmas list and there was something that caught my eye at our schools “magazine sale”. It was a sort of “boom-box” that could play both CD’s and your Ipod. (Think there was a radio. I was hoping that it could also play tapes, but i don’t believe that was the case. if you do know of one that has a tape player, I would appreciate it if you could tell me) I don’t know what it was called, but I know there is such a thing.

If you could tell me what its called and where I could get them, that would be great. (I would prefer not to get them over the internet unless it is through or Kudos if you can give me websites that describe the thing and also provide pictures.

Thanks for all your help.
tammi d- there is such a thing. i’m asking for the boombox/ipod player/radio (maybe) because i need one of those ipod things and a new boombox.
also- i’d like to know the price range, no matter how bad it is. =)

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Answer by Tammi D
another device doesn’t play your ipod. your ipod still plays the music files you have stored on it. you just connect its audio output to an amplifier and speakers rather than plugging in headphones. such technology has been available for decades before ipods were around. but some new products are specially designed to have a place to “hold” your ipod.

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