Question by Rebel Rebel, You’ve torn your dress: were my parents fair to do this?
my twin brother has downs syndrome (before any smart alecs start with the come backs YES it obviously is possible) and we are fourteen. Tonight we were all sat as a family watching a movie then the adverts came on, an advert about a new xbox game for £40 popped up and my brother pointed to the tv and said “dad, mum i want that right now!” so my dad said “okay sure son we will get it for you tomorrow as a little treat” i felt a little bit left out so i said “dad does that mean i can get a sims 3 game for £20? its in the sale” and my dad told me to stop being a spoilt brat and sent me to my room!
Im getting sick of my brother, every birthday he has something bigger and better than me, he is allowed absolutely anything he wants, on demand too. I don’t bother my parents much and they give me unlimited use of the internet and my laptop and i respect them for that, but this is all getting a little out of hand, i feel so so left out. Whenever we have family round my brother has to be the centre of attention he will say something simple such as “i don’t like this food” and everyone will crack up laughing, but when i say it i get yelled at. He hits me and punches me and no one cares or believes me.
what shall i do? its the same in school too, all the teachers prefer him to me.
thanks for any answers in advance

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He has Down Syndrome, there only trying to make his life better.

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  1. Hmmm.. I feel the same with my sister.. Though, I’d sit down with your parents and have a little talk with them. Also, if your brother punches you, punch him back harder. And who cares about teachers? I bet you are a wonderful girl and if you have the simple talk I’m sure you’ll feel better. Don’t let your brother get to you. 😀

    Have a good day! Hope this helped!


  2. Yeah he does have down syndrome, and they are trying to treat him better for that.
    But if you think it goes overboard just ask your family why they treat him WAY nicer than you,
    maybe they can give you a clear explanation.

  3. It’s because he has down syndrome and so they feel as if by doing this it will make him feel less different and out of place.

  4. Ok listen , you shoud go straight up to your parents and tell them how you feel .

    “Just because he has down syndrome doesnt me hes any different as i am.Why do you have to treat me like crap ? Every time HE asks for stuff , he gets it right away . But when I do , you dont care at all! Why do you have to treat me differently? Parents are suppose to love the kids EQUALLY !You guys dont even care about me , or what i say or what i feel ! ”

    Thats what i would say . cuz that pretty shitty how you brother is the only thing that matters to them. Just really them how you feel . You can go along my lines if you want . 🙂

    Goodluck! 🙂 hope i helped

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