www.contestburner.com Comment on this video to win prizes or upload your original video response for even more chances to win! Then visit Contest Burner to complete your entry and download your own copy of ContestBurner lite. Tips on setting up and running a viral online contest Many people spend HUGE amounts of money to run viral advertising campaigns online. With an online contest done right you can have your own viral marketing campaign up and running extremely fast. Follow these tips to ensure you increase your website traffic. Out of all the online marketing tactics I’ve found that campaigns centered around viral videos work extremely well. Viral YouTube videos can help you increase your web traffic and bring visitors to your site for years after the campaign is over. Many online marketers discount the power of this amazing internet marketing method.

25 thoughts on “Viral Marketing: 7 Tips For Running An Online Contest To Increase Website Traffic”

  1. By the way, I want to let you know I would never have found you without the iPAd contest. Very cool. Nice job!

  2. This is truly slick. 😀 Contests, quizzes…they work super-well…thanks for the FB app 🙂

  3. Bill,

    As always, you provide excellent information. I really like the idea of doing a Joint Venture for a contest. That is awesome.

    I’m looking forward to winning the iPad.

    Betty Fellows

  4. This is so cool. I want to win the iPad.
    This sounds really easy to do. But you need to have a great give away.

    As always, you provide excellent information.

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