www.top10seomistakes.com This video demonstrates how to conduct your own keyword research for your own website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), explaining how to use one of the best free keyword research tools (Wordtracker) and showing how you should choose your keywords. Visit Top10SEOMistakes.com to find out more.

14 thoughts on “The Top 10 SEO Mistakes ~ #1: Keyword Research”

  1. Thanks for the great video. You should create a playlist for all 10 of the videos and put a link on each one so that people can view them all.

    Props from Halogen Designs. Would love to connect: @halogendesigns

  2. Thanks Scottish Guy,

    This is great information. It has also been a good tool for me to find out what people want to see when they visit a site like mine.

  3. Check out Market Samurai. They let you play with the full keyword module as long as you want. If you convert, fine. I did so for six months before I decided to go for the $149 one time fee. I’m not an affiliate and never will be. I understand it’s now the preferred keyword software for Stompernet that charges $800 a month to join. Great advice Sir. Start small. That’s how
    Jetblue became the success it is.
    ONE route from JFK to Rochester. One kind of plane.
    One small success at a time.

  4. This is really helpful for keyword research. Thank you! I had looked for the free version of Wordtracker, but couldn’t find it until I watched your video.
    And those of us in California can understand your English perfectly well.
    Thanks again for the great SEO tips.

  5. yea its a good idea,..infact i was a little excited about it untill,…I logged in on word tracker and seen it was’nt free,..over 300.00,…No thanks perhaps you shouldnt use the word free,…so freely

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