Question by Katie: Office management class assignment about Walmart’s distribution system?
I have an office management class and we have a small essay about Walmart’s distribution system :

“Learn about distribution systems by studying Walmart. Write a 250 word essay on Walmart’s distribution network. Be sure to answer the following questions- You may try to get information from the internet or you might try to get primary information by talking with your local Walmart manager.
1 How did you get your information?
2. Who did you talk with or what websites did you access?.
3. Where is the closest warehouse to your local Walmart (Cincinnati ,OH)?
4. Describe what makes the Walmart distribution system so efficient.
5. How does Walmart deal with perishable items? What items are considered most perishable in their line of items for sale?

I have looked all over Google and I can’t find anything useful so maybe a walmart employee can help or someone else

thanks 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Judy
I just googled walmarts distribution system.
The answer popped up instantly in full details
Are you using google — if not use it.

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