Q&A: Internet (Home) Sales & Marketing (“Reselling”)?

Question by g: Internet (Home) Sales & Marketing (“Reselling”)?
What are the major obstacles of this type of business? I have plenty of free time, and I may soon have virtually unlimited space (storage) due to the possibility of inheriting a couple of warehouses that are located on my family property. How much “seed” money is typically necessary?

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If you have plenty of free time, then you can look out for an option to work online. I would like to share a link where you can make 0 in a month working at home. The work need to be done is posting a discussion and answering a discussion. the link is:


if you will work hard you can even make 00-00 or more.. it all depends on your usage pattern. I worked for 1 hour daily last month and i got paid 8 for the last month. Its not bad after all, i am happy and making more. After sign up, do mail me to know the tips on how to increase your earning.

Please let me know, if you have any queries. I will try my best to give you right answer

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