Question by anonymous7752: Internet addiction, messed up life, possibly messed up future, what to do?
Since I was very young I never had a lot of friends. I was bullied since I was very little and people had fun humiliating me because I never reacted. My step-father (mother’s husband) had mental problems and would beat me up for no reason whenever he forgot to take his medications (which happened several times a year). I always felt rejected everywhere and I think I partially hate my step father. I won’t go into deep details but I really feel I did NOT deserve many things he did to me (he told me he was sorry and felt bad about it, that it was not his fault, etc… but I can’t keep myself from being completely angry whenever I think about him).

I always had an addictive personality. From the moment I got my very first video games (on the Sega Genesis in 1997), I got hooked to things behind a screen. I often spent days playing it and when I got access to the internet a few years ago, I spent hours playing flash games. Afterwards, I got addicted to a role playing card game (Magic the Gathering) and I played it nearly every days for about 3 years. This was not as bad since it gave me some social interactions as well as real life friends but I stopped playing when the local card shop clossed. Afterwards, I got addicted to various online games (mostly role playing games). In 10th grade, I bought the game known as World of Warcraft. I played that game a ridiculous amount of hours. I would usually play from 2.30pm (when I got back from school) until 10.30pm (my parents asked me to close my computer at 10.30 during school days). Once my parents were asleep, I would usually try to play a few extra hours. During week ends, I played until I was completely exhausted (that was usually after 20-30 consecutive hours of gaming, I would then sleep 4-5 hours and play until exhaustion once again). During holidays, I could easily play that game up to 140 hours a week and I often played up to 90+ hours on school weeks. Again, I won’t go into details but the game had a very competitive system that rewarded the players that played the most and I wanted to be one of them in order to get those rewards (high quality in-game items). Long story short; I got my account hacked, I bought the game once again, I played even more, I got my 2nd account hacked, I played strangers’ accounts for free (I have no idea why I was doing this. Since the accounts were not mine I would not keep any of the rewards I managed to get during the time I played) and then quit the game. I then got addicted to various online forums and I spent most of my 11th grade reading these forums and posting on them for about 8h a day. By the way, I didn’t listed all the addictions I failed for, these are the ones I can clearly remember but there were many more (most of them were related to computers).

After finishing my 11th grade, I moved with my real father out of Canada. I am currently doing my 12th grade in an American high school. My new addiction is now Facebook games and random nerds forums. I have 6 Facebook accounts and I usually spend over 6h a day playing role playing games on all my accounts in order to create in-game money (with no real-life value) and I send the money to my main account. I also use my additional accounts to level up my main character (the more you play, the more levels your character gets; if you have 6 accounts you can level up 6x faster). There is also a Facebook application called “Friends for Sale” where you can “buy” other people using an online currency and other people can see who you bought. I also use my 6 accounts in order to create more online currency in that game and then I buy expensive people. During the other hours, I usually go on forums such as (mostly made up of nerds like me) and discuss about funny things with anonymous people.

I recently got a conditional offer of admission from the College I wish to attend. This College have been my goal for a couple of months and I was extremely happy to receive a conditional offer from them. My results are way under what their typical students usually achieve but I had an interview there and I think they liked me. If I don’t meet their conditions, their offer of admission will be cancelled and that would probably be the most horrible deception of my life. In order to get in, I need to get a really high grade (5) on a Calculus AP exam and a high grade (4) on a European History exam. Both my math and my history teacher told me I will have to work very hard in order to achieve that goal. I know I can get this result but it is very hard for me to study or do homeworks for more than 15 consecutive minutes and I constantly feel the need to go on the internet. When I am at school, I always think about how long I have to wait until I can get on the internet. I feel bad whenever I am away from a computer with the internet and this is completely ruining my life. I nearly failed my 9th, 10th and 11th grade because of this bad habit and now I might not get in this College.
I live in my father’s office and I can surf the internet on up to 15 computers at the same time. It is impossible to hide them or to disconnect me.


The tests results indicate that I have an Adult ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and signs of Schizophrenia 🙁

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Answer by I am a genius! or not
I suggest that you force yourself not to go on the computer or hide it for a whole week. This will give you stress but you’ll find that you can start to do more things and that computers are just machines, not a lifestyle.

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  1. honest honest honest you need to see a therapist imediately. this is no different than someone with a drug addiction in china they treat people for this all the time, but it’s not something we here alot about yet in the US. However, my brother has this addiction and it is really bothersome to me because he only lives his life half heartedly and it is so sad to see him this way. we both had messed up childhoods and a very mentally ill mother so his way to deal was to live on the computer. it’s super scary, but I am glad you are wanting to change. I quit smoking about 8 years so I know you can quit playing these games. JUST GO COLD TURKEY! I swear to you it’s the only way to do anything, and see a therapist at the same times to help, see if you can go talk to her atfleast twice a week while for now and I wish for you the best. I know you will overcome this!

  2. i would suggest talking to a doctor about you being addicted maybe there is somthing they can suggest.

    You also have the will power to stop the addicive behavior yourself. You are old enough to put your prioritys first.

    good luck

  3. Do the following if you are financially well off and have a lot of money:

    forget college and stay on the net all day.


    Do the following if you are financially well off but have a limited amount of allowance:

    Donate $2/hr of internet usage to a charity .


    Do the following if you are not financially well off:

    Slap 30 times very hard (15 times on each chic) for every hour of internet usage

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