Question by Kiss Kiss: publishing?
can i look up the famous “writers market” on the internet instead of getting the book becasue i live in egypt and they dont sell those kind of books and their not even in any library!
if u guys know then wats the website? or if its not the writers market then something similar to that, just something that will tell me all about publishers and what the want this year.
Thanks. oh and by the way, im almost 12.

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Answer by liss
if you want to write and submit in the US, it’s going to cost you some serious money. Overseas shipping is expensive.

If you are okay with submitting my e-mail, it’s the new thing.

Google the words Piers Anthony and internet publishing and it will bring up the gold standard of listings for small presses and epubs. They all work online.

The writers market is a very expensive book that you won’t find for free on line

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