Principles of Internet Marketing

This pioneering textbook lays the foundation for using the most exciting marketing medium in decades. It shows what makes the Internet new and different, what techniques work and which don’t, and how the Internet is creating value for customers and profits for companies. Most importantly, it shows how Internet Marketing fits into the rest of an organization’s marketing strategy.

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5 thoughts on “Principles of Internet Marketing”

  1. Review by Gray Ligon for Principles of Internet Marketing Rating: This book overwhelmed me with its broad coverage of internet marketing principles. It is required reading for my MBA students in marketing strategy because it is so clearly written. Many Internet books are either too technical or too shallow to hold my interest as a marketing professor. Every time I return to the book, I learn more about the Net. Hanson provides tremendous value and should be commended for including so much relevant information in an easy to read format.

  2. Review by The Netty Professor for Principles of Internet Marketing Rating: I have adopted this book as a required text for an Ecommerce and Marketing course that I am teaching during the Spring 2000 semester at Boston University. The text is well-written and presents a fine blend of theory and practice. Hanson is true to the title of his book as he provides some “principles” that should indeed endure. Given the rapid pace of change in e-commerce, this is commendable. I believe that this book offers a great introduction to anyone who wants to either practice or simply learn about Internet marketing.

  3. Review by for Principles of Internet Marketing Rating: I’ve had an opportunity to read an advance copy; I think this will be a work whose importance stretches far beyond the narrowly defined world of marketing. Hanson offers a fine primer on how the Internet offers almost everyone the opportunity to build one-to-one business relationships. Anyone whose economic interests are affected by the information economy — retailers, publishers, creators, strategic planners, just about anyone in business today — should learn these lessons.

  4. Review by Dev Singh for Principles of Internet Marketing Rating: This book provides good insight into internet marketing for anyone who is interested in this growing and important area of commerce. Each chapter could be read independently. Chapters 8-12 are great for people wanting to start e-commerce. I found the book technically great and at the same time accessible to the average Joe (who is not a business major)! The book is a must for all companies and individuals doing e-commerce!

  5. Review by Peter R Lewis – Consul-General for Australia for Principles of Internet Marketing Rating: Ward Hanson’s book does an excellent job of quantifying useful lessons and guidelines from the many Internet marketing plays that have succeeded and failed over the brief history of the commercial net. A must read for anybody who is serious about the net.

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