Question by Fritz: On internet, it’s “affiliate marketing”, what’s it in real life?
Let’s consider the scenario in which a banking company need to get many customers but at the same time, that bank doesn’t recruit nobody at that time. In other hands, it allows people to bring many unique customers who make the buy and generate some commissions for the affiliate. I’d like to know if

1) this kind of marketing does exist in real life?
2) if so, what is his name? also affiliate marketing or other?

thanks a lot

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  1. Those are called referrals. Occasionally a company might use this type of advertising, but I hardly ever see it. I have seen clubs and restaurants do this on occasion. They will use a “street team” to hand out cards to people. The cards are usually for a free drink or free admission. When a person comes to the club or restaurant and hands in the card the person of the street team gets a referral fee for it.

    When I lived in LA there was a company that paid people to hand out tickets to movie screenings. The people who attended the special pre-screenings got to watch the movie ahead of everyone else and may be asked to take a short survey about the movie. Those that handed out the tickets got paid for each ticket that was handed into the movie theater.

    Though these programs are far and few between, an enterprising person could go to the owner or manager of a company and pitch the idea, If the owner or manager agrees to it then you would need to create postcards or flyers and start handing them out, putting them on windshields or placing them on door steps.

    There would need to be a reason for people to take it to the store, restaurant, bank or wherever. For example, if it were a bank, people would bring in the flyer for a free piggy bank if they sign up for a checking account. The teller would keep the flyer and you would get paid a referral fee at the end of the month for all the flyers that were brought in.

    I think many companies would go for this type of marketing and sales approach if they were given the opportunity, especially in this economy. After all, they don’t have to pay someone unless they make a sale. It’s a win/win situation.

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