New Media Mavericks: Will The Revolution Be Spidered?

Google Tech Talks June 10, 2008 ABSTRACT The disruptive technology of new media is far more accessible than most realize. The impact of new media is far more impressive than most report. The mavericks of new media are slowly taking over – quietly, but with a shadow that dramatically changes the Internet’s role in media (delivery, creation and consumption). At this point in time, these mavericks aren’t effectively in anyone’s index. Will that ever change? Speaker: Paul Colligan Paul Colligan is CEO of Inc. and manages several popular Internet properties that include Podcast Secrets, Automate Sales, FrontPage World, and Paul produces a number of Podcasts that include (but are not limited to) Marketing Online Live, Podcast Tools Weekly Update, Paul’s Profitable Podcasting Podcast, Electronic Marketing Interviews, and Big Seminar Live. He is also the author of many books and magazine articles about Internet marketing and is co-author of The Business Podcasting Bible with Alex Mandossian. Mr. Colligan has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful Web sites and Internet marketing strategies that have seen tens of millions of visitors and millions of dollars in revenue. Previous projects have included work with Peak Potentials, Heritage House Publications, InternetMCI, the Oregon Multimedia Alliance, Rubicon International, Microsoft, the Electronics Boutique, and Pearson Education. He is also a popular speaker on Internet technology

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12 thoughts on “New Media Mavericks: Will The Revolution Be Spidered?

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  3. Although your level of insight into new media isn’t as developed as my own, and you do seem to view Google in a favorable like, I find this video acceptable.

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  5. Great information here – and an awesome overview of several key ideas and resources to keep in mind for any online business moving forward. Nice job, Paul!

  6. awesome, I’ve been doing a lot of this myself. I have no landline and no cable TV. I talk to my folks in europe for free and get all my favorite TV & radio shows online from all over the world (btw UEFA 2008 is awesome!). What I am waiting for in 08 is 100mbps internet. ISPs have been cheating us with crappy service for the last 10 years. DOCSIS 3.0 w IPv6 will slowly start rolling out later this year in select metro areas. I wonder at what price.

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