Question by xxran96xx: My mom is being stubborn about getting comcast internet what should i do to convince her to get it?
Right now i have no internet whatsoever othar than a USB Aircard from verizon and its really annoying because this is a house of 11 people who all want to use it but she does not want to get anything other than this stupid aircard. I’ve shown her facts about comcast internet (Its cheaper than this its only 50$ a month and this aircard is 70$ a month) but she says that she likes having the aircard because she has internet wherever she goes but she doesnt travel anywhere and she always complains that i hog this aircard and i just keep telling her to get comcast so everyone in the house can get internet but she is so fuc**** stubborn Also we are moving in 4 months when school is over and she says she does not want to make a 2 year contract & I told her that there is none (also the “For Sale” sign has been up on our house for almost a year now and i keep telling her to get real because she is not going to be able to sell the house in these economic times) What can i do to Convince her
(I am about ready to tell her i will pay for it myself and get a job. she is such an idiot i hate her)

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Answer by quatre707
If she pays for Dial up + land line phone number, or a Verizon Air card, I guarantee you that if you call comcast, tell them your total monthly bill for current Internet access they will offer you a lesser price, for at least 12 months. And remember, Comcast doesn’t have you sign a contract.

Comcast just doesn’t offer 1 speed of Internet access. They will set it per your needs or what you can afford. If you are currently not a comcast customer. Comcast has great people in their call centers, and their sales people are allowed to make all kinds of customizations to bills and sales.

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  1. Get a job and save up tons of money, and show her your willing to do this. I convinced my dad to get the triple play of comcast by sitting him down, talking to him about it, laying out the facts, and showing how much money it would save him. Try that out, and if all else fails, beg. Beg like you’ve never before, because this runs fast. Really fast.

  2. I am a comcast internet technician and there is a 2 year contract with us, Also if you want to get comcast, you should do some more research. For instance do you know comcast helps you move your internet to a new address for free if you sign up with us, you can also call 1800 comcast to see if there are any specials for the first 6 months of service for 19.95. Ask about packages, the most regular internet only package will run you 52.95 regular that is if you do no not subscribe to comcast tv cable.

    you can also tell her about how we offer free 24/7 live technical support online and offline for your service, offer free macafee virus/spyware removal, video mail, 7 email adderess’ as well.

    Also if we cannot help you technical wise we will transfer you to someone or company that can help.

  3. Tell your mom to contact our team!:) We are here to help in making sure she gets the best package that she is comfortable with.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations
    [email protected]

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