Question by gardengate: Is it “on sale” or do you want to keep it?
When you read the words “ON SALE” in a shop or on the Internet is its meaning always clear to everybody?? As the meaning may be 1) you can buy it, it’s here to be sold 2) you can buy it at a special discount, the price is reduced now, how can one guess which meaning is the right one??? I think the phrase is rather confusing if you don’t add some other words to make it clearer! Am I stupid or am I right??
I do think SODALICIOUS is right BUT people often write “ON sale” instead of FOR SALE , when they actually simply mean “full price, with no discount at all”, hence you must agree with me that a total confusion comes out!!!!

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Answer by SodaLicious
I think definition # 1 could read as, “FOR SALE”. # 2 would be the understood meaning of “ON SALE”. … any clearer, now?

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3 thoughts on “Is it “on sale” or do you want to keep it?”

  1. I have always preceived a sign that said ON SALE to mean that the item or items have been reduced in price to make them more appealing to you to purchase.

    If something is listed FOR SALE the I would perceive that as the item is being offered up for sale with no discounts or anything like that for ex say a fridge is FOR SALE but if that fridge has a sign saying it is ON SALE then I would think that it would have a special price to what it would normally cost

    confused yet? LOL

  2. It doesn’t matter. If you want it, find out the price. If you don’t, then it doesn’t matter if is reduced or not.

  3. Either way it´s a marketing strategy to get people to buy something thinking they are saving some money. The best way to save money is not buying anything. When people see the word “sale” they figure the price went down.

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