6 thoughts on “Internet marketing?”

  1. Try using a company called Visible Technologies. You can contact Dean Graziano at [email protected]. They do a great job for our company and I’d highly recommend them.

    They offer two main types of marketing:

    1. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Tell them you heard about them from Sean at Voltaire.

  2. Make sure they offer you a trial.
    See if you can talk to some of their references and get some real life stories and type sample websites on google and yahoo and measure their results.
    In fact, type internet marketing and see where they come up on search engine ranking.

  3. There can be many different approaches depending on the product or service you have to offer at your store. Some times pay-per-click is the best approach, some times natural search and some time good old fashioned guerrilla marketing is best.

    We would be happy to talk to you about the most effective way to sell your products online. And I certainly think our company would be a good one 🙂


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