25 thoughts on “Internet Marketing? WTF Parody”

  1. Great Video.

    Follow this Mentor they have the right MindSet & a WINNING attitude.

    Well Done

    Simon 【ツ】✩✩✩✩✩

  2. wow you look very bored. I am not buying anything from those guys either but you can’t even imagine how much money some of them are making 🙂

  3. What.lol That was funny once I caught on. Your so bad. Not right. Not right. God Bless You Silly man, and thanks for the laugh.,smile

  4. Please teach me. I want to know and I would be a great student. God Bless You. smile

  5. LOL I am awestruck, you marketing guru you! You totally sold me on this video! 5***** hahaha, ya nut!!

  6. I just ran out and bought an empty shoebox. Now what am I supposed to do with it, Marketing Master?

  7. by the way, you must know abotu Groupies, what do you do about them?

    (see video response 😉

  8. Lol that was good! I loved the hair bit and your channel description definitely is you!

  9. ROFL nice vid. loved ur take on marketing things.

    btw, that hand on darth vader is creeping me out

  10. like you know anything about anything…..except for choking your chicken you dumb fuck cunt

  11. You did a pretty good job marketing/advertising the hair dye. 😉 …. gonna wash that grey right outta my hair !!!!

  12. Very entertaining, I can see you’re a marketing master. Good luck marketing your caulk.

  13. im gonna market the shit out of marketing the shit out of marketing the shit out of marketing amen

  14. Your a master at what? LOL Now you will have to master getting the gray out of your beard. LOL

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