Question by LoneWolf: How would you respond to this “PUPPIES 4 SALE”?
Katie-One of my closest friends
Nancy-Katie’s close friend

While searching the internet, I came across a video on youtube with the title “PUPPIES 4 SALE”, turns out that it was Nancy that made the video.
This is what she stated in the video :
0 each
Will grow up to be 4lbs max
The Maltipoo Breed

I asked why she even bred her dogs when there are so many shelter dogs in need of a loving home, she replied “Well I do care, but most people aren’t as down-to-earth as you about dogs. It’s a thing called breeders, I doubt even 20% of the people who own dogs actually get all those tests on their dogs so that they are perfect; because it [should] cost a few pounds of money. This is why I didn’t test them.”

She wants to become a veterinarian just like me, but it seems like she doesn’t really care about the strays and shelter dogs.
What do you think?
I wasn’t insulting Nancy in any way, I was just stating the truth.
Boomer: She wasn’t my friend in the first place. My friend (not Katie) and I have been hosting fundraisers at our school to donate to our local animal shelter.
Chigirl- Haha, it is okay, I knew exactly what you meant.
Rayven- Thanks, I will definately tell her to take a look at the site.
CF- I agree, there are already so many dogs that need a home. Also, no one can tell you how big the dogs will get because they are a mutt and there is no specific breed standards.

Best answer:

Answer by ☯ Eyes of a Warrior-AntiBYB ☯
I don’t respond to them.

Just because others are being ignorant by breeding mutts doesn’t mean you have to be a mindless sheep and follow the flock.

Her words, are the words of a person that doesn’t care anything about dogs and only wants to breed for money…

Like I said. There is no justified reason for breeding mutts.

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11 thoughts on “How would you respond to this “PUPPIES 4 SALE”?”

  1. If she is that cold-hearted (no offense) then don’t worry she will never b a vet. She needs 2 start caring more about others than her self. Very selfish and self-centered! 🙂 i would tell her that if she wants to travel down the road of selfishness then she wont become a vet.

  2. Tell her that she is considered a BYB, if she doesn’t know what it is, tell her to look it up. That girl needs to do a little research…

    My advice? Find new friends

  3. Nancy is a typical backyard breeder of mutts – they are not even a legit breed and she is ripping off people with a price tag of more then what the same mutt would be in a shelter (less then $200).

    Unfortunately its hard to stop people from creating mutts and selling them for far more then they are worth. Just keep trying to get her to understand what she is doing is very very wrong.

  4. I’m really against back yard breeding, which to me sounds like what shes doing. I mean it’s not necessarily going to make her a bad veterinarian, but breeding dogs for money isn’t a quality I’d look for in a person!

  5. Your friend is a typical BYB – being stringent on that extra money that would mean HEALTHY puppies, just because it means she can make more money.

  6. Hopefully no one is stupid enough to believe that these mutts will grow to only be 4lbs. And no she doesn’t care about dog. Yes testing is expensive but reputable breeder HAVE IT DONE. If she thinks its too expensive to be done she shouldn’t be breeding PERIOD.

    Honestly I would have flat out called her on her BS and stopped associating with her from that point forward because she would not be a friend worth having if she can’t see the problem with what she had done.

    And if she doesn’t think people actually get things like OFA and CERF done show her the OFA website and have her select a breed at random and see all the dogs who have had all their clearances done.

  7. I had a Doctor once, he was the Doctor I had during my pregnancy. He smoked in the delivery room while delivering my younger brother. True Story.

    My point is, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Not all Vets care about shelter dogs or the well-being of any animal for that matter.

    If you do not like what she does, than stay away from her.

    ADD-LOL! didn’t mean for that to sound inbred!

    My mom also had the same Doctor…

  8. Just ignore it. Its not your battle to fight. She seems to be pretty set stone on her opinion of it all and I doubt you could change her mind. You did the right thing, and you tried! And thats what matters!

    Vet school is harsh. You have to REALLY wanna be a vet to make it up there. She won’t make it to be a vet if she doesn’t understand about strays and shelter dogs. So I wouldn’t worry about that much.

  9. I would show Nancy some photos/videos of shelter dogs who need homes. My 7 year old son and I started an organization to help benefit animals that need fostering/adoption. You can see lots of photos and videos on our site. Maybe seeing the reality of pets in need might get through to her? You can check out the site here:

  10. She is very uneducated on the subject and if she is your friend I would strongly suggest you re-think your relationship. If you find she must be in your life, heavily campaign to her and everyone you come in contact with regarding the subject matter. That way she will know you are serious. If you feel you can sever the ties do so immediately. Then if later on she ever asks why tell her how strongly you feel about the issue!

    Good Luck!

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