16 thoughts on “How to Start an Internet Business – Video 4 of 10”

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  3. Yet again…another AWESOME video. This series is easy going, laid back BUT very detailed and right on target. This is one Internet tutorial that does not waste one second of your time.

  4. Good video outlining the basic layouts of a good site. You are correct. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel. Thanks

  5. Nice Video. I really liked your video youtube can be a great asset for you. If you need any help getting your video exposed check out this site called tubeviews [dot net] It has really done wonders for me, I have build 3 channels up with videos at top in position and this is my forth channel i’m going to working on.

    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!

  6. That was the most helpful video so far, i thank you so much. I can really see why thats the best layout. i have also seen so many websites that follow that particular layout.

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