tsunamigifting.com Alan Su teaches how he post video advertisements online for free. Watch as he post one online in a few minutes. You can do this too. It’s a fast, easy and fun way to advertise and best of all, it’s free. Advertising is a necessity in any business or opportunity. I use this technique to gain prospects in my online and offline businesses. More than 50% of all information that is transferred online are video based. Video Advertising is playing a major role in marketing. Although there are other websites, backpage.com is the site that I am currently recommending for posting these ads based on ranking (on alexa.com), popularity, and ease of use. The most popular online free classified (aka craigslist.com) currently doesn’t have “video” capability. If you are a internet marketer or looking into internet marketing, I consider this one of the critical skill you must have. Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions. I will be happy to get back to you. Thanks I have live internet training 3 nights a week. Anyone who wants to learn internet marketing can come to our webinars to learn critical skills to make money online. If you like the information you receive from this video, you will love the amount of value and content we train on as a team of marketers. Different marketers will teach their own individual specialty. (We don’t learn from one “guru”) We learn from a team of like-minded marketers. Thank You. Alan Su. Video Ads Video Advertising

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  4. Video Advertising is a cool way to drive traffic. You have some informative videos. Nice Work!

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