Hey I want to dive into the internet marketing field. I know about blogs and what they are? But i dont know how to write good ones to get recognized. I mean what should i start blogging about? I mean should i stick to a particular area of interest or diversify myself. And also i need some few other tips about increasing my web presence. I know you people will be answering me for the the same reason. Please guide me to some valuable resource

4 thoughts on “How to make myself visibile in the Internet Marketing age?”

  1. You better start with the basic SEO (search engine optimization) profile before you proceed to the field of Outsourcing and Web Marketing.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    “Internet Marketing” itself is a huge word in this age. Get yourself acquainted with the terms and what is what one step at a time. Here is one piece of info on blogging :

  3. 1. Have a website, either a free blog or your own domain
    2. Post at least twice a week in your blog targeted towards one business, whatever it may be. This allows your “website” to be updated regularly which is beneficial in Search Engine Optimization.
    3. Most newbies tend to eagerly create a new blog and stop it after 2 months due to lack of sales. The key is consistency and laser targeted goal. Example: Promote only one affiliate product and post anything and everything around the same topic.
    4. Simple ways to increase web presence would be to leave comments on other related blogs, having a social network in Facebook or post videos in YouTube which show your website address.

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