Question by ♥: how much does “all cosmetics whole sale” charge for shipping in the usa?
well I don’t have a credit card. I always pay my mom and she uses her credit card when I wanna get something off the internet. I’m 14. so anyways, I wanted to buy something from this site and I put a lipgloss in my “shopping cart” and clicked checkout. it said subtotal was this amount and I clicked next and it wanted me to fill in my information and then it had total as the same amount as the subtotal. does that mean that theres no shipping fee? how much do they charge for shipping and how do I found out w/out putting in my information? I don’t wanna fill in my info and then find out they charge way to much for shipping

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Answer by L
you should be able to find out how much they charge without putting ur info in.. they would ask you which country to ship to, your post code etc…

then u’ll pick what type of postage you want and update it. even after u put in ur info they shouldn’t be able to charge you until the final stage of checkout… be careful tho.. are they asking for your address or your credit card details? if address.. then probably ok to put in..

the post seems ok.. it costs around to ship a lipgloss to australia.. so i rkn maybe .7 to US ?

brigitte’s boutique seems to work out cheaper for me to australia!

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