Question by Shanti: How do you feel about “marketing”?
How do you understand the term?
Does it bring negative or positive associations?
What do you think it involves?

I am asking not about what the books or the internet says but YOUR opinion and feeling on the subject without any resarch. Just brainstorm some answers 🙂

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Answer by silentnonrev
interesting…smart….way to connect buyers & sellers….

(I got my degree in it, so yeah, I’m positive about it!)

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6 thoughts on “How do you feel about “marketing”?”

  1. I think of commercials…which I hate. Especially ones for prescriptions. Your Doc should tell you what you need, you don’t tell him what you think you need. But, if I never heard of a certain product or brand, I won’t buy it.

  2. Its basically about finding out different customers’ needs and wants and then finding the most beneficial or profitable way to provide customers with product/s to satisfy those needs/wants. Its way more complicated than just ads and sales.

  3. Marketing is a good thing. If you have a knack for understanding consumer patterns then marketing is a great career. But it also depends on the amount of respect a business is searching for.

    For example I work at a car dealer and the owner only advertises with classy ads (i.e a man and a woman sitting in front of a fire) and we only put up balloons but some places use huge inflatable cartoon people, fake sales (ie. well take anything on trade!!! tvs, boats, cd players!! Bad Credit OK!!)

    Its all about how to find the right consumer and if you can reach out to the right people, you’ll have a sucessful business.

  4. Marketing, I love the concept!
    Advertising and marketing is a art form all in itself. One has to know who they are targeting for what product. Age, race, class of people etc.
    I love commercials even, I am one of those who will watch commercials LOL!! Some of the commercials on tv one can tell who are making them. It is like who is singing a song.
    Marketing takes research, creativity, knowing about cultures, what people want.

    Marketing would be a very good job I would think!

  5. Many think it is negative because it makes them think of TV commercials and pushy salesman.
    I love marketing because I understand what it is. Marketing is the way you live.
    If you want a girlfriend/boyfriend, you find ways to advertise that you are available.
    If you want your parents/partner to buy something for you, you have to sell them on the idea.

    I know that you’re only brainstorming opinions, but if you are interested in marketing, I could give you the names of some of the best material that you could study.

  6. to me marketing is among the ranks of politicians and used car salesmen.

    the term marketing involves understanding the psychology behind what appeals emotionally and physically to potential buyers; it’s now a science unto itself – which I find a necessary evil – like lawyers.

    I think the epitome of marketing strategy has reached it’s peak as can be witnessed in car ads – they equate hawking an expensive hunk of plastic, rubber, and glass with a lifestyle – that 99% of the fools who buy into the illusion, will never – nor have ever – lived a life that even resembles what’s being exemplified. All it takes now is a vehicle, in a woodlands setting (or on a beach, or four-wheeling, etc.) with a voice over using only a few key words.

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