4 thoughts on “How can i register for internet marketing and making good money?”

  1. Don’t do it – could be scams etc

    Those things always sound too good to be true – Usually because they are.

  2. As Ghada says, you can start with Clickbank.com – there are thousands of digital products to choose from and they send commission checks out twice a month. Other sites you can find other people’s products to sell are cj.com and paydotcom.com.

    You could spend days looking through these sites wondering at all the products like the proverbial cat in a seafood store, but it’s best before you check out these sites to have some idea of what you’d like best to sell as your first product. That will be your “niche”.

    Make it something that you know at least a little about, so you can market your affiliate site through articles. OK you can open a Google Adwords account and pay per click, but there’s a danger, if you haven’t learned a great deal about Adwords, that you’ll simply empty your bank account and have nothing to show for it. Or you could outsource articles through elance.com or rentacoder.com, but I would think that if you’re starting out and wanting to keep costs down then doing as much work yourself as possible is preferable.

    That’s why I prefer article marketing. Write as many articles of around 500 words as you can and put in your byline a compelling reason to visit your site. Upload them to EzineArticles.com or whatever article directory you prefer and make sure there is at least one link to your site in each one, preferably in the byline.

    Taking it a stage further, if you can afford to get some web hosting (hostgator.com offers hosting of an almost unlimited number of sites for one low monthly fee) then register a relevant domain name – one that has one or two keywords related to your niche in it. Make a home page that has links to your articles (which also upload to your site, with backlinks to your home page) and which contains some useful information that your prospects will appreciate. Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, which you will have delivered via an auto responder, such as aweber.com.

    In your newsletter, which you can set up to be delivered at whatever intervals you decide is best, you recommend the affiliate product you have signed up to promote, and put a link to your affiliate site.

    It’s best to have a redirect link via another page on your site in
    order to prevent anyone deleting your affiliate ID from the URL and thereby depriving you of your commission.

    Sorry if this sounds a little complex, but if you go through it at
    your own pace and take one step at a time then it’s not too difficult. There is a little expenditure involved, but it’s not a great deal, and if you cost it up in advance you can quite easily keep to your budget.

    Best of luck in your internet marketing endeavors.

    Philip Gegan

  3. There are many more options than clickbank, clickbank is primarily ebooks and digital downloads…and is not a good first choice ( I do market clickbank products but just dont suggest as your first choice)


    you can also try cj, pepperjam,maxbounty also search for CPA networks

    Try that link it has links to many publishers and gives an over view of how to get started in IM and what the diff concepts mean

    you can also try some article writing (not marketing)to get used to online writing using sites like Associated Content which pays per article or HUbpages which will help you get started w/ some publisher networks and pay you a percentage of commissions paid by your articles

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