Get more screencasts by Liking the e-Strategy blog at Facebook: A how-to instructional video for tagging your Facebook Friends or Fan Pages using the status tag feature. This screencast was produced by David Erickson for the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog: To tag a friend or fan page, type the @ symbol in your status update and then immediately start typing the friend or fan page you want to tag. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can choose the person or page you want to tag.

25 thoughts on “Facebook Status Updates: How To Tag Friends & Fan Pages”

  1. @andreajk182 You can’t tag photos of pages you’ve “liked” but you can allow fans to upload photos to your page. That setting is enabled by default, I think.

  2. thank you for the help 🙂 it’s been a year of not knowing how to tag a friend(i feel like a noob) but hey now i know it!!! mega thanks dude

  3. Very helpful video. A little feedback would be to really get to the point. for example: I could use a smaller status msg *saves time in typing such a long status. Thank you!! 🙂

  4. can you tag pictures of “like” pages? i want people to send their pictures on my page but how can they tag it to my page or upload it? please help =) thanks

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  7. It wont work for me, can you help me understand why? Is my facebook not updated or am I using a wrong web browser?

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