Net Neutrality. It means that no one website gets preferential treatment. The Internet, as it is right now with the FCC rules allows anyone with an idea and cash to setup a website and offer a service. Everyday people with great ideas can compete with big companies. Even the ones that provide the internet service. (e.g. Free Market) I’m not for big government but this is one thing the government should regulate. I, a conservative independent consider the Internet part of the “free market.”The internet is fine the way it is. If you want faster service, you pay for it. I want to conserve the way it is right now. Google and Verizon are trying to reach a deal to regulate the internet. This could hurt smaller companies from competing with them or the companies they partner with. They could do this by slowing down the service of their competiors while making their websites ultra fast or just keeping you from seeing their competior’s websites. Again, the way the Internet is now gives everyone an equal playing field. Also, if they don’t agree with your stance on the issues they can do the same. If big companies are allowed to regulate the internet, it could potentially hurt everyone. What do you all think?

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Answer by JackBond
The internet is free speech and should never be infringed upon by the government.

That even should include Obama’s cutoff switch.

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  1. And just why do you consider net neutrality to be a conservative stance? should everyone agree? Yes…except the corporatists that view the net as their next big profit center. Is this a conservative stance. Not really since the conservatives most often agree with the corporatists.

  2. It is the conservatives that have been in favor of the corporations being able to buy faster access and to make a tiered internet and determine how we see and access content on the net. The liberals have been arguing for net neutrality which is what we have now and Obama’s appointees in the FCC are trying to retain net neutrality. Anyone with any sense at all would be for net neutrality.

  3. You are confused. What you are FOR goes against Conservative ideals. So what you meant to say was “Everyone should be Liberal on this issue”. You are saying you’re against companies like Google from having too much power, and the free market should be regulated. That’s not a Conservative ideal, it’s a Liberal one.

  4. Your position is not not conservative, it is to the left of center.

    No liberal proposal wants to regulate the internet, they want to take away the ability of giant corperations to regulate the internet, so that it can stay unregulated.

    Republicans hate that idea. They would love it if certain websites worked better, loaded in faster, because the republicans are owned by the corperations. They’re corperate btches. Not that democrates aren’t too, but the republicans are just 10 times worse.

  5. If your facts are all on target I have to agree with.
    All though some of these other answers come on guys can you REALLY trust Obama on any issue, failure is one thing that can be tolerated but, the constant lying and inability to admit failure no way would I ever put any trust in this presidential loser.

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