15 thoughts on “Do You Need To Change Your Affiliate Promotion”

  1. I’m watching your video but, I still don’t know how to get people on my blog. I don’t see any traffic at all. I’m new to this. I’m affiliate for clickbank. I would appreciate some information. Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. I absolutely love these vids! Very straightforward and to the point. Thanks for everything!

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  6. I love this! 30Dc has been so helpful. I feel like I just crammed an entire year of college into 1 month 🙂 Thanks Ed!


  7. thanks for really digging into this complex element for newbies of affiliate marketing….tracking is EVERYTHING I have been told…building a list I’ve heard too, but need to know what bang I’m getting for my buckshot

  8. Idiot spammers and a full moon’s not a good combination. Thanks for staying on the Light side of the force and helping us structure our thinking about metrics so well Ed – appreciate the training in unemotional data assessment!

  9. sorry this comment was ment for TDC TV9 vid.. if you haven’t watched it go watch it now

    Ed was upset and with good reason..


  10. sorry this comment was ment for the TDC TV 9 vid… if you haven’t watched that one go and watch it, Ed was upset with good reason…

  11. Thank you Ed and the gang!

    I realy felt for you watching that vid…
    how can these people be so horrible?

    Please don’t let them get to you, as I love everthing you do and a great big thank you

    what can we do for you? I guess make a big success of all your training and then pass it on and help others…

    once again thank you so much

    I am going to miss my daily vid’s when it’s all over, so i’ve joined the immediate edge thanks

    lots of love


  12. Thanks for breaking down the decision-making process, Ed. You hit the nail on the head when telling us to make the decision based on the data and traffic instead of emotions. It can be hard to let go of an idea when you’ve gotten extremely attached to it.

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