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25 thoughts on “Building web pages – Nvu tutorial”

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  3. @westwoodl make sure the text is a bright color that stands out form the picture, and if you can´t see the textbox try to go to settings and then move to front, that should do it 🙂

  4. You need to upload your website to a server using a webhost. Try sequencehosting(dot)com they are fantastic and will even upload it for you.

  5. it can be pretty complicated. type “web hosting tutorial” into google and read through say the first three results.

  6. Ok, I’m a beginner at this stuff and i understand all the editing on the page and stuff that’s clear to me but when your done editing how do you make it a website where you can actually type in your website and you can see it pop up.

  7. can you put a text box over an image. I make my sites with photoshop and put them in nvu but can’t seem to put a text box over the background image which is my site. Can it be done or should I just do the text in photoshop?

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