13 thoughts on “Bill Bartmann Interview with Donny Deutsch – Part 1”

  1. He’s been through hell and back. I love videos like this. Motivational / Inspirational . I have a collection at my site. Looking for other Life Enthusiast ‘s . Get Inspired!!!

  2. @drhomeloans Dude… the Bill Bartmann on RipOff Report is not the same Bill Bartman as the one in this video. This Bill is married to Kathy, lives in Tulsa, is a BILLIONAIRE and does not sell dogs. The one on Ripoff Report is married to Kristy and lives in Mounds, OK and, apparently is in the dog selling biz. There are 3 Bill Bartmanns in Oklahoma that are listed… check the White Pages.

  3. Yes Donny you inspire me… every time I see you on tv I have this incredible urge to dance without my clothes on…

  4. some people just have something in them that they just can’t help but be successful

  5. It is very inspiring. I wanted to rate it by checking all stars but 4 got light (no red) and I hope that the one red star is not the rating.

  6. This man ROCKS REAL SUCCESS STORY REMINDS YOU THAT it don’t matter where you are from or who you are, success is just one door knock away, one phone call away. . . .

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