6 thoughts on “Any suggestions for websites for internet marketing ideas for promoting accommodation?”

  1. just follow the link get registered ,login and do not forget to mention sammydammy in the referral space on the register page to get you started…happy earning, u just have 2 double click on those ads ,wait for 30seconds, to earn money sitting at home.YOU NEED NO DEGREES FOR THIS.

  2. Hi,

    There are many ways to market a small business on the web. You can buy banner ads, text links, or use PPC. However, the best way is to get listed in a bunch of portals. Portals and directories are like phone books, and they often provide a lot of traffic because they tend to rank high on Google.

    This portal is giving away a free business card holder for lising your business (I got mine a few days ago in the mail). If you want to know about some other portals, just let me know.


    Best of Luck

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