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After a long and painful struggle with trying to find my “career path” in life, I am beginning to think writing may be it (which is a shock considering I never pegged myself as the writer type).

Anyway, I started off blogging because it was easiest. I now write and manage a few blogs on a variety of topics. I earn about $250-300 per month via Adsense. The only problem is, that is really peanuts, and my income isn’t necessarily tied to my writing skills. It depends most on whether or not people can find my site, search engine rankings, and so forth (which I think is silly).

I am really getting interested in writing some fiction, and possibly even a non-fiction book. My question is this: Do books usually bring in more income than blogging like what I am doing? Has anyone ever attempted both publishing a book and blogging? Which typically earns the most income?

I do enjoy blogging, but I feel that writing an actual book would be much more interesting and coherent than making blog posts on random topics.


2 thoughts on “Writing Books Vs. Blogging? Which is More Lucrative? Any Writers Here Know?”

  1. Neither is very lucrative.
    The average book (if you can get published) will not sell enough to make you a decent profit, enough to live off of. Plus, with Amazon and B&N discounts, they undercut your book and there is almost nothing left in terms of profit, and assuming you are getting around 10% of the profit, it ends up being not so much. I mean, if you make 5 or 10 K you are doing pretty awesome there. Seriously.
    Try writing articles for Demand Studios. They pay okay and a flat upfront fee. I get 25 dollars for an article of around 400-500 words, which is not great but you know writers DON’T get fairly reimbursed for the content that they create…either with the publishing houses or the online content stables.
    Basically, don’t quit the day job.
    Alternatively, there may be a good technical writing job out there for you, and a lot of these can be done from home.
    Good luck, I feel your pain.

  2. The best way to make a profit off of blogging is to get good enough figures to get a book deal.

    Lately, a lot of publishers seem to be convinced that hits will equal sales.

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