I am looking for a site where I can write blogs and get paid for it, without having to pay any fees form the site. Can anyone help me? I wanted to do blogging for an extra income but I dont have money to buy a domain or start my own site.

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  1. I get a lot of questions on ways to make some extra income. A few months ago I started using YouData. Since it is a fairly new company, you can’t make a ton of money with it, but it does generate some extra money for me each week.

    Here’s how it works:

    You use their program to view ads, and you get paid for each ad that you view. Instead of google and other ad companies making the money, you are making it! Sometimes it’s .25 cents for viewing an ad, and sometimes it’s .10 cents. It takes me just a few seconds to view all of the ads they have for me each week and I make $3-$6. That’s not a lot, but over the course of the year that can really add up. The nice thing is that they pay you through paypal every Friday. The first week I signed up, I started viewing ads on a Friday. I spent about twenty seconds viewing all the ads, and because it was Friday I had over $4 in my papal account within a few hours of first doing it. You can bet I was pretty excited about it!

    Quick Tip: Sign up for a free paypal account and do NOT upgrade it. This way you will not be charged any fees from Paypal, because the money YouData sends you is funded. YouData does take out a few cents if you select to be paid with Paypal.

    Not only can you make money by viewing the ads, but you can also make money for referring friends. You get $1 for each person that you refer, and for each of the first 100 times one of your referrals is paid for their attention, you receive a $0.01 referral bonus. That can really add up over time.

    Payday is almost here, so go ahead and sign up with YouData , view some ads and enjoy the extra money that comes your way. When I first signed up it took a few days for ads to finally come in, so just be patient if you don’t have any paid ads right away


    http://www.youdata. com/join/ myshynina
    http://www.youdata. com/join/ myshynina
    http://www.youdata. com/join/ myshynina

  2. Hi Jaizhi,

    You can start with a free blog service provider. Put some quality content ant try to get some traffic. Then you can register your blog from where you will be paid for blogging. You don’t have to pay for it. You can visit my blog and learn how you can make money blogging.

    Also you can visit my blog to get a list of free blogs provider. Hope it will help you.

    If you need any help then contact me. Surely I will help you.

  3. Try writing articles for Associated Content or creating pages on Mahalo.com. You could then promote your work on your own free blog, like google’s blogger and adding adsense to start. Make sure your blog is niche oriented and do some research into SEO (search engine optimization). Also, look into social networking on sites like twitter and facebook for extra site traffic.

    Good luck!

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