Question by jake_miley: what is blogging? How can I make money from blogging?
I know I sound stupid, but I do not even know what blogging is.. can someone give me a link to a “blogging” website. How can I make money if I were to do this?

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Answer by Mairead
its like an online diary and you can’t make money from it! 🙁

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  1. It’s short for web log. It’s a business where you start a website devoted to a subject that you know and people essentially just place dated entries into it and add to the collective knowledge of the subject of the blog. You make money by having advertisers place popups into the websites and you get paid a few cents whenever somebody clicks on the advertiser’s popups. There’s a paperback book “Start your own blogging business” by Entreprenuer Press and J.S. McDougall that I bought. It’s available on Amazon at:

    Otherwise, you can go to any website that google comes up with when you enter “starting your own blogging business”.

  2. Link:

    What is blogging:
    Blogging is like an online diary, and it can be personal and private, or public. Blogging itself doesn’t make money but–

    How To Make Money Blogging
    Use Google Adsense, where google will put some ads on your page. If anyone clicks those ads, you make money! How much you make depends on how many people visit your page and clicks the links. Hope I helped!

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