Having explored some residual income earning opportunities such online publishing and blogging, I am feeling that I lack that so much needed guidance on how to actually get started (with preferred step by step instructions) and then how to make sure that I really earn some decent money, too.
For example, I have come across the people who say that they are making money by writing the blogs on their favourite topics. Also, there are people who say they are making money by simply writing articles online.
Anyway, I have realized that I need a thorough instructions on how to actually pick up the right keywords, how to find out on the popularity of certain topics, the basic necessary knowledge on SEO (making sure that my articles are highly ranked and seen on top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc), how to set up the links on my other personalized web pages, how to set up the AdSense ads in order for me to make the real money, etc.
Should you know any other residual income earning opportunity on top of the above mentioned (writing articles and blogging), I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend me the ones that you certainly know are reliable sources for making some decent cash.
In advance Many Thanks and I look forward to learning from you and your successful experience.

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  1. since you are already into blogs and publishing, perhaps you may want to check out this opportunity. getting success in this area means unlimited income for you. this is a world leading and highly paying affiliate program and the job is to simply route traffic to our partner trading platform through your website, blog or any legal form of internet marketing and earn significant commissions for every active trader you refer.

  2. http://www.treasuretrooper.com/430888
    Treasure Trooper is a website that pays you to complete offers, visit websites and fill up surveys. Based in the U.S, Treasure Trooper is open to all international users and pays it members via check only. One of the largest get-paid-to websites on the internet, Treasure Trooper is a website to consider if you are seriously interested in making some extra money online.

    The way MyLot works is like a messageboard. You can post questions, answer questions, make friends and participate in polls and picture posting. The more active you are, the the more detailed your answers are, the more handsomely you are reimbursed for your activity. The trick is to keep your answers long; 4 lines at the least- gain a high user rating through quality participation, post quality, thought-provoking questions and aim to answer a plentiful amount of questions per day. They pay out at a very low limit ($10) once a month, like clockwork.
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    Give it a go, and I’m sure you will soon see the benefits!

    If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for the time you spend dishing out quality advice to helpless, anonymous people over the internet, now’s your chance. myLOT is a online community that discusses a wide variety of topics.

    Basically, it’s structured like Yahoo Answers. You pop in, ask a question or take a look at the available questions and answer them. Interaction with other users is pretty lively, largely because myLOT will pay you to start or participate in any ongoing discussion.

    SendEarnings provides you with an easy and fast way of earning some cash just by reading emails. To get started, first you need to sign-up to become a member. You’ll receive an instant $3 bonus just by signing up. Then start reading emails and earning money. You could potentially earn $100’s a month. Each email that you read and confirm will credit a specific amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so an exact amount for each visit varies. This may range from half a cent to ten cents for regular paid mails. But you can earn $5 for each friend you refer. This is the most critical aspect of your membership at SendEarnings as you can also receive a small percentage of earnings from some of the paid emails that your referrals read. SeandEarnings offers you more ways of making money. You can earn up to $1000 for taking online surveys and up to $50 per offer. After requesting a payment, a check will be sent to your postal address.

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    Other highly paying Sites (not sure because of the big offer anyhow check it out with a different username or password)

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