4 thoughts on “publishing and blogging on the internet as a source of income?”

  1. A great website to start the process is http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com – they provide 30 days worth of tutorials, which shows how people can learn how to make money online.

    It’s not easy, and does require quite a bit of work (thinking of potential markets, doing the research, creating quality content etc.), so it is definitely not easy money. But anyone can do it, and it is possible.

  2. I am not affiliated with this but it might be a good place to start: http://bloggingtothebank.com/bttb/

    Making money from a blog is possible but you really need your own specialized niche because of all the competition. Second you need great unique content. And yes Thirtydaychallenge.com or wordpressdirect.com are both good places to start.

  3. There are a number of free site networks who share advertising income, for example Hubpages gives a 60/40 split on adsese and amazon advertisements. Their easy to use tool and somewhat automatic traffic makes it an easy place to start. Serious authors have hundreds of hub pages.

    You can build your own blogs for free on blogspot.com or wordpress.com (& others) and collect a few pennies for the one out of 100 visitors who click on an adsense ad you can have on the page.

    Adsense is a google program, search for the term adsense on google.com

  4. It is a great source of income. Many people are accomplishing it in a couple of different ways. Many of them serve as an affiliate, meaning they may review a product or service and insert a link into the blog to direct traffic to a vendor, which in turn, pays them a commission if a sale is made. Also, it is possible to incorporate Google Adsense into a blog and earn. I cover this in greater detail in the following article http://hubpages.com/hub/Blog-Earnings. You may also see my examples of product reviewing in my blog here http://The-Online-Earner.blogspot.com.

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