I’m going to try to make money blogging. I am well aware of the improbability of making an income that justifies my efforts, but I am trying this anyway. I will be using WordPress.org with justhost, and I have a few questions.

Firstly, sites like Pay to Post require Paypal for you to receive payments. Does Paypal need to be upgraded to receive this payments? If not, does moving funds from Paypal to my bank account get taxed by Paypal?

Secondly, do sites like Pay to Post require that adsense not be present on blog entries linking to them? If so, do the payments given by Pay to Post and other systems justify using them over adsense on individual pages? Why or why not?

Additionally, does anyone know the Canadian tax policy on internet acquired funds? If I am a student and 21, does this change the circumstances? If there is no policy, do people regularly violate this law? For instance, you technically have to report all cash transactions to be taxed, but there are many people who receive cash upfront for work in trades, for instance. We shouldn’t violate the law, here, because we could get audited later, but I am curious if there is an actual procedure for taxing this type of income in Canada.

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