The must be literally millions of blogs out there. Most already have ideal placement for income sources. Would it be possible to launch a successful blog using positive marketing approaches? I’ve seen many blogs using very negative or controversial tactics to gain viewers. I have no interest in this. Thanks for your input.

One thought on “Is blogging a realistic source for additional income?”

  1. Hey! You see, there are a lot of blogs, but only few of them have really what it takes to become good. And about positive marketing: post everyday some great contents, submit your blogs to, submit your articles to

    I think that is positive marketing. From Yaro Starak i’ve learned that you can improve your SEO by adding a XML sitemap…

    As you can see, there are a lot of ways to do that. And back to your question: is blogging a realistic source of income? Yes, but it won’ t be easy.

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